Coventry Premium Saver Program and Tobacco Surveys

Coventry is excited to announce that due to a very high volume, they are extending the deadline for their Premium Saver Program. Small group clients now have additional time to review their December rate offers

Premium Saver Program deadline is now October 15, 2013.

Benefits of December 2013 Contracts:

A new December 2013 plan will give your small-group clients with December through November plan years and their employees the certainty of predictable rates and benefits through November 2014 until their renewal. As a matter of fact, both your new and existing small-group clients can enjoy these advantages: 

  • Consistent rating methodology
  • Consistent benefits (same as today)
  • Stability

We look forward to working with you to help your groups find security and stability through 2014.

Members Asked to Answer Tobacco Usage Survey

Coventry will begin sending letters to members of small group plans asking them to complete a short secure online survey (alternative survey methods are also available) about whether they use tobacco products. These letters will be sent to members about four months before their groups' renewals.

Because tobacco increases health risks, employers can face higher premiums at renewal if some of their workers use tobacco. Many of these employers may decide to pass those higher premiums along to the employees that use tobacco. However, premium increases may be avoided or reversed if tobacco users enroll in a tobacco cessation program. In order to get members to start thinking about their possible tobacco habits, the letter informs them that smoking increases the risk of diseases, such as coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer. It also tells them about our online tobacco cessation program, BreathÔ and includes instructions on how to access this program.

Information is power. With the knowledge that tobacco use can harm health coupled with access to a program that can help tobacco users quit, Coventry hopes to increase the number of members who make the decision to live tobacco-free lives. Coventry has flyers available for employers to distribute to their workers about our online tobacco cessation program. Contact your account manager if your clients are interested in encouraging their workers to quit tobacco use.